This site was created by Christopher Schmidt (crschmidt@crschmidt.net) to respond to some misinformation about Cambridge's Proposed 100% Affordable Housing Overlay. If you have questions, requests for more information, or anything else, feel free to email me!

How do you know all this?

As a recently dedicated hobbyist in the space of housing policy and zoning, I have spent a bunch of time attempting to learn as much as possible about Cambridge's proposed 100% Affordable Housing Overlay. To that end, I've watched or listened to every one of the public meetings about this topic -- 5 Housing Committee Hearings, 2 Ordinance Committee hearings, 2 (long) planning board meetings, and attended multiple of the open house events hosted by the Cambridge Development Department. In addition, I've also built multiple tools for interacting with the city's assessment database, read through much of Cambridge's zoning code, and studied both historical and current zoning realities -- that is, how our city came to be today.

All in all, while I'm not yet at the point of 10,000 hours of deliberate practice needed to be an expert on a topic, I feel confident in saying I'm a pretty educated novice.

Where are you getting your information?

Most information is simply contained in the proposed zoning amendment, or in the copious materials provided by the Cambridge Development Department, available at the City's Affordable Housing Overlay website. Other information comes from talking to affordable housing developers in the city and across the country, research and investigation in studies of affordable housing development, or via conversations at the City-hosted Town Halls about this proposal.

Why should I believe you?

In general, I'd say: You probably shouldn't trust any single source! Ask people you trust. If you want pointers, I'm happy to point you to people who are probably much more knowledgeable than I!