Take Action

Most Important: Write to the City Council

The single most effective thing you can do is write to the City Council and ask them to move forward with the proposed Affordable Housing Overlay.

You can email your comments to council@cambridgema.gov. When I wrote to them, I focused on three elements of the overlay:

  • It is a citywide change; this creates maximum opportunities for creating new housing.
  • It allows for more density in both residential districts and along commercial corridors.
  • It changes process to eliminate the risk of costly and time consuming lawsuits from property-owning neighbors.

Tell a Friend

The City Council has been hearing from residents on this issue for months -- but the representation of those meetings on this issue has been heavily biased. The crowd you see in the background of the most recent Ordinance Committee is pretty representative of most of these meetings.

I believe that a broader coalition of supporters in Cambridge is possible -- and you can help build it! Talk to a friend; send them a link, or have them follow on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date on how to get involved!