What's Next?

Upcoming Dates for the AHO

Planning Board Hearing

    • On August 4th, the Planning Board reviewed the current draft of the Affordable Housing Overlay.

    • The Planning Board voted 7-1 to recommend / support the AHO Petition.

Continuation of Ordinance Committee

    • On August 19th, the Ordinance Committee continued their discussion of amendments to the Overlay.

    • One amendment was made to the ordinance, requiring that any site which has ground floor retail maintains at least 50% of retail frontage on those sites.

    • The Overlay was passed back to the full Council with a favorable recommendation, with 6 votes in favor Mayor Siddiqui, Vice-Mayor Mallon, and Councillors McGovern, Sobrinho-Wheeler, Toomey, and Zonderevan voting in favor; Councillor Nolan voted present, and Councillor Carlone voted against.

City Council Hearing

    • The first full-council AHO hearing was on September 14th; the Council voted to pass the overlay to a second reading 7-2.

    • The second will be October 5th. Public comment will be available at the hearing.

    • At the second hearing, the Council's vote to pass the ordinance will be finalized. It will require 6 votes to be ordained. Given the 7-2 vote to pass to a second reading, it is very likely to pass.